CPD Academy is an extensive and clever learning management system (LMS) built for organisations and CPD (continuing professional development) e-learning.

Test Creator

Administrators can define questions in numerous variations and then create tests within minutes. The learners can then take their tests on the front end and get a certificate upon successful completion.

Simply create a new test, add a name and description, select your desired number of questions out of your question list and define a pass rate. Done.

All created questions and answers are stored in the database and can be re-used for other tests. You can assign scores (points) to each single answer in order to weigh some answers more than others.

Various Question Types

Vary your question types and make your test or quiz more fun.

Choose from seven different types that allow you to create tests in a more engaging and interesting way. Test Creator lets you have complete control over your test - define a pass rate, choose question types, change score of questions, select/change question order at any time and more. Moreover, you can include videos, images, audio or text into a question, bringing the test to life.

The following question types are available in the CPD Academy Test Creator:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Multiple response questions
  • Fill in the blank questions
  • Matching drop-down questions
  • True/false questions
  • Numeric questions
  • Sequence drop-down questions

Test Certificate

Upon the successful completion of a test, the user gets a test certificate that shows the user's achievement.